It was twenty years ago, same day, the Physical Education Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran (Former Sport & Youth Ministry) issued a license of establishing the Manouchehri’s Complex with responsibility of its owner, Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri in Hamedan.

This sports complex, originally started in a three-floors building in 700 square meters. It has become a known strategic center of training, sciences and technology, fast response and rescue, mind sports, aqua sports, artistic sports, precision sports as well as combat sports in the central Asia. Developing to over 60,000 square meters, the complex now has restaurants, well-furnished accommodation places, parking and indoor and outdoor venues, pools and gymnasiums.

The 15 International, Asian and Central Asian Federations office located in this place  including Headquarters for International Humanitarian Games, Secretariat of the World  O-Sport Federation, Asian O-Sport Federation, and Headquarters for several national associations mostly recognized by the Ministry of Sports and Youth and National Olympic Committee Iran, for instance, Kickboxing, Bocce, Boules Sport, Petanque,  Go, Fistball, Icestock Sport, Casting Sport, Pelota Basque, Frontball, Draughts, Obstacle Sports, Sumo and MMA.

All mentioned activities and organizations have been founded and developed by a team of experts in Manouchehri’s family. For instance:

1.  Mr. Mohammad Ali Manouchehri; Investor and Sponsor of the Complex

2.  Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri; who is Ph.D. Candidate in Sport Management and Former World Combat Sports Champion

3.  Mr. Jasem Manouchehri, Ph.D.; Faculty Member and Assistant Professor in Sport Management, Corresponding Author of more than 60 Research Papers in Peer-Reviewed Journals and Former World Combat Sports Champion   

4.  Ms. Masoumeh Manouchehri, M.A. in Strategic Management in Sport Organizations, World and Asian Champion of the Combat and Precision Sports

Therefore, the Manouchehri’s Complex is a real golden opportunity for implementing the developmental policies of the Olympic Movement.