World O-Sport /World Obstacle Combat Sports Federation (WOF) is a non-profit, non - governmental, non-political international sport organization, responsible for all Obstacles Combat Sports disciplines that were founded on December 15, 2005, by Dr. Mohammad  Ghasem Manouchehri the World Combat Sports Champion (Kickboxing and Thai boxing) and was released to the world of Sports market.


The multi-stage technical structure of the O-Sport is formed of Traditional games (Sling Shot, Chase Tag), Obstacle Course racing (OCR), and Martial Arts/ Combat Sports.


O-Sport has been modernized by studies and research utilizing the science of relief and rescue as well as fast response techniques and finally became the industry of Multi-Stage Sports called OSPORT/O-SPORT/O.SPORT. These developed obstacle Combat sports are categorized as A class styles such as Chase Fighting / Obstacle Fighting (Oxian, Axaya, Ahmatan) and B Class Styles such as  Amaday, Tirazis, and Caspian...


WORLD O-SPORT Registration & Recognition in the Olympic Movement:


  • Signed Strategic MOU with Obstacles Sports( O-Sport) Complex of Hamedan (17 /12 / 2005)
  • Registered at Physical Education Organization of I.R. Iran (28/01/2007)
  • Member of International sport for all games (Trex Games 2008)
  • Registered at instruments and landed property registration organization of I.R. Iran (09/06/2009(
  • Member of World Anti-Doping Agency WADA (25/09/2010)
  • Member of Association for international sport for all TAFISA (08/09/2010)
  • Signed Strategic MOU with Azad University of Hamedan (08/10/2013) Registered at National Olympic Committee of I.R. Iran (26/04/2011)
  • Registered at youth & sport ministry of I.R. Iran (16/08/2014)     
  • Signed Strategic MOU with Hamedan Red Crescent Society (01/02/2015)
  • Member of Global Humanitarian Games (GHG) (28/04/2016)
  • Member of World Sports Games WSG (02/02/2017)
  • Member of World Elite Games WEG (21/10/2017)
  • Member of International Extreme Games (10/01/2018)
  • Signed Strategic MOU with Red Crescent Society of Iran (06/05/2019)

WOF registered at instruments and landed property registration organization of I.R. Iran as Institute for World Federation of Obstacles Sports (WOF) and opened an account in Central Mellat Bank of Hamedan with the following details:

  • WOF Account Details:
  • Bank Name: Mellat Bank-Hamedan
  • Account Name: Institute / World O-Sport Federation WOF
  • Account number:1649680004
  • Account Card: 6104337462733831
  • ® Number: 352