Iranian TIS KOPAN Sporting Games, 291 years before Olympic Games

It has been narrated in history that Ontash gal, the king of land-Ilam (the old name of Iranian land) had a twin children in 1265 pro-Christ that were named Tis and Kopan and they used to fight and struggle together due to their capacities continually. Consequently, their father held a period of sport competitions between them and after that, the king of Ontash decided to hold this competition widely and hence, he used to held World Competitions of Tis-Koopan yearly in the same place that it is known Tis-koopn; namely 291 years before the Olympic Games in the Greece. The important point is that these competitions continued for 715 years namely till the end of empire of Mad in Iran.

Ontash Gal, the king of Iran which was named Ilam that time and it’s government was from Nimrooz city (at the present Afghanistan) till Dejleh river; When he became powerful, in 1265 pro- Christ, he carried out 2 main works; first he built a new city named Ontash and founded Zigorat there and other that, he used to held sport competitions and events that athletes used to came from east and west of world to this city (the place near present Chabahar city) to hold wonderful competitions. The Tis-Koopan games were held in the land of ancient iran 291 years before the Greece Olympic games; and the main point was that although these competitions were sportive, these were religious ceremonies in order to respect Ze-oose (the king of the Greece lords). all of The competitions participants were from Athen city; and now we more understood Arad’s speaking, famous thoughtful, “Iran is the provenance of civilizations”. This game used to begin in autumn season from 15th Mehr and continued till 3rd Aban. Archaeologists believe that the end of summer season and agriculture caused every body take part in these competitions conveniently. These competitions were held in 9 categories : wrestling (only for men), bow and arrow (men & women), swimming (just men), mallet (men & women), fencing (today some wooden swords related to those competition have discovered from ancient hill of Tis- koopan. fencing was for both men and women), weightlifting (just for men and with special manner), running (men and women), jockeying (men and women) and javelin (men and women). the prizes were given just to first places of competitions that they were unique because a shell full of pearls was given to each one of heros. The shells were brought from Lavan Island.